SA-WAT-DEE (Welcome) to Norwell Thai Spa

While we are in Thailand, our hours will be changed.  Please see below for details.

Thank you everyone

  In April, Pie and Chris will be in Thailand.  April is the Thai New Year and we are happy to celebrate with the Thai people.  Of equal or even greater importance, we plan to make donations at schools, to help those who are sick, and to promote exercise programs.  We are so grateful to our clients because you made these things possible.  We opened this shop to help people, and it is because of the clients that we can show caring for the Thai people.  Beginning Saturday April 6th, we will be closed weekends through Sunday May 12th.  Normal weekend hours will resume on May 18th.  We are sorry if this is inconvenient, but we will continue to be open Monday through Friday from 11am to 8pm to help you. Most Sincerely, Pie and Chris, Owners of Norwell Thai Spa

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 We would like to introduce you to the Thai concept of Sa-Bai Sa-Bai which means to relax, and slow down.  It is healthy.  You deserve time away from your busy world.Take time for you.

Pie invites you to sit and relax before and after your massage.  At Norwell Thai Spa everyone is KHAWP-KRUA (family).  Enjoy some tea with Pie and her therapists as you relax in 'your home' away from home.  Relaxing before and/or after your massage is part of the relaxation of the massage experience.